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4 Client Events They Will Tell Their Friends About
Why It Matters:
  • Hosting client events can help build stronger relationships with current and prospective clients.
  • Try to engage in new and meaningful ways they’ll appreciate.
  • Look for ideas that align with a message of health and wealth.

At some point, you’ve likely employed a number of the tried-and-true client appreciation and prospecting events. The steak dinner, the wine tasting, and the golf outing are just of few of the standards. They’re all appropriate and achieve various levels of engagement with your valued clients, both current and prospective.

As you consider new and different ways to connect, perhaps it’s worth looking for themes that tie closely to the idea of wealth and health. You may be able to demonstrate how you appreciate offering guidance for your clients’ financial and physical well-being. Here are a handful of ideas.

Mindful rejuvenation

It goes without saying the pace of modern life is hectic. Rather than adding what feels like one more “to do” on your clients’ already busy schedule, invite them to slow down for an hour or so. Partner with an instructor and co-host a yoga class at a studio or an outdoor space. A class before work is a great way to start the day. Or plan it late in the afternoon for an after-work session of stress relief.

A class on healthy deliciousness

Foodie culture is top of mind for many people today. Trying new restaurants and sampling new cuisine is one of life’s great pleasures. Consider hosting a class at a local cooking school or restaurant. Work with the instructor or chef to focus on healthy cuisine that fits an active and busy life.

Bonus idea: Give a cookbook on healthy weeknight meals to attendees and include a personalized note.

Do good, feel good

Getting out and moving with your clients may be a nice way to get to know them in a less formal setting. Try organizing a team for a local charity run or walk and invite your clients to participate. Pick one that means something to you and share your reasons why. Arrange to meet before or after so you get to personally thank everyone for taking part in the event.

Daybreak power hour

Getting together for coffee is always a great way to spend time with clients. Host an informal (but informative) discussion at a breakfast café. Forego the pastries and donuts and serve healthy smoothies alongside traditional coffee drinks. Good conversation, a little caffeine, and a glass of fruits and veggies are great ways to start the day.

These are just a few thought starters. See what else you can come up with using wealth and health as your compass. The goal, of course, is to find meaningful ways to connect with your clients, demonstrating you care about more than just their financial well-being.

Things to Consider:
  • Your clients likely lead busy lives. Try organizing an event that encourages them to slow down for an hour or so, like a yoga class.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to causes that matter. Consider inviting clients to participate in a charity run or walk that means something to you.
  • Start the day right with a healthy discussion — and a healthy breakfast. Gather at a breakfast café and serve healthy smoothies instead of pastries and donuts.